Limitations Of The Unregistered Version

  • The generation of Particle Trails is limited to frames 0-50.
  • Anchored Trails are not available.
  • The "Segments Per Frame" spinner is disabled.
  • The "U Repeat" spinner is disabled.
  • The Effects Panel is disabled.

========= (2021-12-23)

  - 3dsmax 2022 build. (2019-06-16)

  - 3dsmax 2020 build. (2019-02-12)

  - Build for 3dsmax 2019. (2017-07-16)

  - Build for 3dsmax 2018.
  - Added option for inheriting material ID from PFlow particles.
  - Added ability to unregister the plugin from the About dialog. (2016-05-31)

  - Build for 3dsmax 2017 (2015-06-06)

  - Add the ability to have different settings in viewport and render
    for segments/frame and spline steps.
  - Make debug logging work again (broken since (2014-06-29)

  - Change reading of license code from registry to work better when
    using roaming profiles in Windows.
  - Support for 3dsmax 2015. (64-bit only)

  - Support for 3dsmax 2013 (64-bit) (64-bit only)

  - Fixed threading bug which would cause 3dsmax to intermittently
    crash when regenerating particle trails on multi-core systems.
    There is no longer a pop-up progress dialog for particle trail 
    generation and it is currently not possible to cancel an in-progress
    regeneration. (64-bit only)

  - Added debug logging option to help diagnose crash bugs (64-bit only)

  - Fix a bug where having items in the Particle Flow event list
    would prevent the trail from rendering.

  - Increase maximum for segments per frame from 10 to 10000
  - Tidy up registration dialog so "go to site" button works.

  - Fix bug which broke GT mesh generation when image motion blur
    was used at the start or end of the active time segment.

  - Fix bug with not responding to cache dump messages from dependent
    particle systems. This was causing crashes during rendering of
    particle trails.

    - Rebuild for 3dsmax2010 32 and 64-bit.

    - Add ability to control the number of material IDs assigned
    to particle trails.

  - Add MaxScript access to the "Recalulate Trails" button 
    (eg "$.modifiers[#GhostTrails].regenerate_particle_trails()")

    - Fix a problem with render crashes with instanced GT modifiers.

  - Fix problem with mesh generation when frames to lag was set
    to 0 or below. Seems to only affect 3dsmax2008.
  - 3dsmax9/3dsmax2008 64-bit build.
  - Fix a crash bug in 3dsmax9 when an incorrect reg code was entered.
  - Add string/stretch mapping.

  - 3dsmax9 build (32-bit only).

  - Make anchored trail mapping faster and more correct.
  - Increase start/end spinner ranges to 10m ticks (about 600000 frames).

  - Fix bug that could crash 3dsmax when the "About" dialog was closed.

  - Change start and end frame spinners for anchored trails to respect the 
    current time unit (SMPTE, ticks etc.). Change is NOT backwards compatible.
    Times will not be converted to/from the older format (files will load but the
    times will be wrong).

  - Bug Fix: Reset TM to current frame after calcs to prevent loops when
             binding to space warps.

  - Bug Fix: U-Repeat not working properly
  - Bug Fix: Anchored trail UV calculation didn't take parent transform into account.

  - Bug Fix: Copied GT modifiers still referred to the original Object.

  - Bug Fix: Setting a range on anchored trails was broken (since RC2)

  - Smoothly interpolate particle trails in subframe intervals.

RC 2

  - Bug Fix: Particle trails not working if active time segment
    started at a frame other than 0.


  - Bug Fix: Instanced GT modifiers now work. 
  - Can generate trails for a subset of particle flow events
  - Can now generate trails for every n'th particle
  - Extend beta period to end of June '04


  - Have the spline in 3dsmax4-style particle systems automatically
    orient itself to follow the path of the particle's motion.

  - Particle Trails are now enabled in "demo" mode for unregistered users.
    Trails will only be calculated for frames 0 to 50.
  - Make "U Repeat" parameter work for the Age Mapping.


  - Bug Fix: If anchored trails were used GT would crash 3dsmax if the 
    referenced particle system changed.
  - Change "Spline Steps" minimum to 0 (was 1).