Purchase a GhostTrails license today to unlock the full functionality of the plugin for only $100(USD)!

The registered version of GhostTrails has the following extra features:


How To Purchase a GhostTrails License

GhostTrails Single License (for 1 user) $100 USD
GhostTrails 2-license pack $200 USD
GhostTrails 10-license pack $300 USD
GhostTrails 20-license pack $500 USD
GhostTrails site license pack
(unlimited use within organisation)
$1000 USD


  1. Currently, we only accept payments via PayPal. Click on the Buy Now button above to start the payment process (note that it is possible to pay via credit card).
  2. On receipt of your payment we will email you your license code within 24 hours.
  3. To enter the license code, click the About button on the main GhostTrails panel in 3dsmax. Then click the Register button on the dialog that appears and enter your code.

Isn't GhostTrails A Bytegeist Software Product?

See here for an explanation.

How Many Licenses Do I Need?

GhostTrails is licensed on a per-workstation basis. You need one license for each copy of 3dsmax that could be using it at the same time.

What About My Render Farm?

GhostTrails is fully functional when being used on a 3dsmax render slave with or without a license code. You can install the GhostTrails plugin on as many render nodes as you like at no charge.

What About Site and/or Volume Licenses?

We have generous discounts for customers that require multiple copies of GhostTrails. They work like this:

Install GhostTrails on 1 machine Buy GhostTrails Single License
Install GhostTrails on 2 machines concurrently
Buy GhostTrails 2-license pack
Install GhostTrails on 3-10 machines concurrently
GhostTrails 10-license pack
Install GhostTrails on 11-20 machines concurrently
GhostTrails 20-license pack
Unlimited usage within organization
GhostTrails site license pack


What About Refunds?

If you're not satisfied for any reason within 90 days you get a full refund, period, no questions asked. If you're not happy with GhostTrails we don't want your money.