About GhostTrails

GhostTrails has been around for quite some time. It was first made available in the year 2000 as a freeware plugin for 3dsmax version 3, written while I was working as a plugin developer for a web animation company that unfortunately did not survive the dot-com crash, despite being the world's leading supplier of cyborg pig law-enforcement fiction .


In 2003 I partnered with Bytegeist Software (a consulting group started by fellow web-3d refugees and specialising in 3d and game development) to enhance GhostTrails and turn it into a commercial product. Over the years, we continued to update GhostTrails for each new version of 3dsmax and to enhance its functionality.


Now (2009), with the Bytegeist team moving on to other ventures, I've taken over the custodianship of GhostTrails once more and given it a new home, here at www.ghosttrails.net.


So, feel free to drop me an email if you have any questions about or suggestions for GhostTrails.


-- Andrew Reid